Among the principles that guides the ISA CTEEP’s business are ethics, transparency and equity, declared in one of the company’s formal commitments, in its Code of Ethics.

Having a decisive role in the internal culture of the Company, this document is delivered to all employees at the time of hire, and serves as a guide book on conduct that prioritizes the integrity of principles in processes. The Code of Ethics defines directives and guides decisions and actions in various situations, including those involving external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and others.

The document incorporates the Corporate Reference Framework, in conjunction with the Mission, Vision, Values, corporate codes and policies, and the Company’s strategic guidelines.

ISA CTEEP’s Code of Ethics is public and is available both on the Company’s intranet and on its website, accessible to everyone.

Here is the link:

Additionally, in 2015, ISA CTEEP incorporated Human Rights Statement signed in 2011 by ISA. This document expresses the Company’s position on the theme, promoting respect to human rights and non-violation of it, among different publics of interest (employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, organization and the Federal Government). As a result, the Company adopts a more structured approach on the theme, based on international references such as Global Compact, of which the company is signatory since 2011 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which is one of the references regarding sustainability management.

Updated on July 6, 2016.